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snowboarding hurts

About two weeks ago Marina, Anna, Abdul, John, Jan and I drove out to Mt Brighton in Michigan. Actually it should not be called mountain, it is just a small trash hill. But the lift tickets and rentals there are … Continue reading

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nothing for ungood

I recently got Nothing for Ungood from a friend. it offers a hilarious perspective on Germans and I can only agree. Maybe not so much about the handshake part, but the rest is definitely true. My favorite quote: “Living in … Continue reading

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The Michigan difference

The University of Michigan is not exactly well liked in the US, mostly because too many people envy us. Not only for our exceptionally good performance in college sports (well, not this year…), but for the level of education as … Continue reading

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Boston, Madison, Spring Break and more

It’s been a while since my last full post and right now I’m in the mood to make up for it. Not that I really had the time to write, but sometimes you just have to make time, I guess. … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras is gonna start early this year

Given that the New Orleans Saints won the first Superbowl in their history last night. It was an awesome game, I hope you watched and enjoyed it… Back to work now, though. Who dat!

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