jumping off buildings

I like theme parks and everything they offer. Especially roller-coasters and every other thrill-ride that let you shiver just by the thought of being on it. When I visited a major theme park last week I had the chance to enjoy all these roller-coasters, drop towers, water rides and spinning machines.

During our visit I met Franzi who works for a German “Thrill Company”. They offer a broad variety of adrenalin kicks like bungie jumping, parachuting, airboarding, vertical walks down a building and many more…

Now they offer base flying and I could try it :D
I met Franzi at the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin and we got up to the 37 floor by elevator and climbed some more levels up by stair. Standing on top of the building one has an amazing view over the whole Alexanderplatz and in good weather conditions over half of the city. The sky was clear, the sun shining and a small breeze made the heat bearable. It was a perfect day to jump off a roof.
After being secured in a harness and linked into the breaking wire I was leveled horizontally and swung out from the launching platform into nothing – 120m down to the ground and nothing in between. My pulse rose, I took a look around and suddenly the system released me.
The free fall took forever – 8 seconds to be precise – and I screamed two full loads of air out off my lungs. My only thought was that the system had to break now or at least very soon, but it didn’t. It took for ages until the brakes set and safely stopped me. It was incredible how long these 8 seconds took, how amazing it felt to be in free-fall and how much adrenalin my body released.

Pictures following soon…

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