12°F or -11°C aka a general update

It’s been a long time since my last real post and I want to apologize for it. But it’s mostly due to the fact that final exams are coming up and you simply don’t have the time to do anything else then finish the last homework assignments and start studying for the finals. Nevertheless things have changed here quite a bit and I wanted to let you know about it.

First and most important: Football season is over. Well, technically it’s been over since we lost again Ohio State University which was in mid-November. Some teams played more games but for us in a not-so-good-but-still-better-than-last-year-season it was the last. And it means no more tailgating with the guys from the US Coastguard on Saturdays, no more flipcup challenges between Germany and Poland (we have quite a fun rivalry by now) and no more of 4hrs standing in the stadium to cheer at your team. Not in my wildest dreams I would have pictured myself going to Football games and cheering at my team, but now I’m really sad that it is already over…

It’s getting cold here: My last post already indicated that it started snowing, but this little bit of snow (maybe 8-10cm) had melted over yesterday’s sun. During the night temperatures suddenly dropped from close to zero to -13°C and remain at a very chilling level right now. Even worse it’s terribly windy outside so that he official wind-chill temperature is around -25°. But it’s sunny. Crystal blue sky and only a few tiny clouds :D

Over the last month I managed to go to Chicago for my third trip with Anna, Ashish and Jan, but never really found the time to write about it. It was a fun trip, I got to pick a Hugo Boss suit for Ashish and we visited the planetarium, went to a Chicago Bulls game and saw the musical “Jersey Boys”. Of course we hit Chicago’s nightlife and enjoyed being in a real city again.
Just two weeks ago we visited Washington DC over the Thanksgiving break and visited most of the Smithsonian museums including the zoo, which is remarkable, the air and space museum and the international spy museum. Once there you shouldn’t miss going on top of the Washington monument and strolling along “The Mall”. Take your time to visit the memorials, especially the Vietnam War Memorial. We even saw JFK’s grave at Arlington Cemetery and witnessed an elderly lady kneeling down at his grave praying and leaving an American flag.

So much about me recent activities, pictures are about to follow.

Upcoming season :D


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