Boston, Madison, Spring Break and more

It’s been a while since my last full post and right now I’m in the mood to make up for it. Not that I really had the time to write, but sometimes you just have to make time, I guess.

Three weeks back Anna, Jan, Marina, John and me drove to Boston over the Martin Luther King weekend. John studied at MIT and lived in the fraternity house of Phi Delta Theta, which was very welcoming to us and let us stay in one of their rooms.

Boston is about 12 hours away from Ann Arbor and we decided to drive over night taking turns. Which wasn’t all too bad except for the unlucky guy having to sit in the middle seat in the back.
Enough about getting there… Boston is awesome in every way. The city is actually old and not only by American standard and offers very interesting architecture and a – for the US – very uncommon traffic system. It gives the city a very European feel and it was nice to dive into that.
After driving overnight we were all tired and decided to take a marked city walking tour to not fall asleep and so we got to see most of the city’s attractions.
The next day we toured MIT and Harvard campus and the rest of the city we had missed so far. Anna and Marina went shopping and John introduced Jan and me to Bodega.
On Sunday we visited the MIT museum and drove to Concorde and Lexington just outside of Boston and educated ourselves at the side where the American Revolutionary War in 1775 started.

Last weekend Bruce, CJ, Dominic, Henry, me and some friends drove to Madison Wisconsin to watch the “Camp Randall Open Air Classics”. Which is an open air hockey game in the Wisconsin in their football stadium. It was incredibly cold (23°F) and windy as well. But we nearly kicked Wisconsin’s butt, until our team captain decided to trip one of their players while leading 5 min to the end of the game. And he did it twice…
Anyway it was definitely worth the 7 hour drive and a night on the floor of a friend’s apartment. Not to mention the freezing for several hours in the stadium.

The first week of March will be Spring Break. I know Spring Break is well known for ridiculous parties under Florida’s sun, but we – Lauren, Greg, Maxwell and me – are going to drive to Colorado Springs to go skiing. It’s gonna be a looong 24 hour drive, but given the company, it should be fine.

For the upcoming weekend I’ll try out snowboarding. No where fancy, just in Brighton, but their bunny hill should be fine to learn how to board.

I guess that’s it with news for the next couple of upcoming weeks…

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