Anatomy of a Roadtrip

View in Colorado Springs down to the Garden of Gods

It’s spring break in Michigan and while literally everyone else is getting drunk on a cruise or sunbathing in Florida, Lauren, Greg, Dave and me drove to Colorado to go skiing.
We left Ann Arbor on Friday morning and drove to Kearney, NE, but had to stop on the way in South Bend, IN to exchange our Jeep Wrangler with a soft top roof with a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We left comfortably early the next morning to drive to Colorado Springs, where Lauren’s aunt and uncle accommodated us luxuriously for a night while their son Nate, 9 years old, gave us valuable lessons in table manners which he had recently learned in class.
On Sunday we drove to Monarch, CO after stopping for groceries.

But the fun part of a roadtrip is not just the driving but all the fun that happens in the car (or around it). The following gallery hardly does justice to our hilarious trip, but eventually can give some insight.

More to follow…

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