For nearly three weeks Houston has been my new home now. And it’s a city that is completely different than what I expected – in a good way.
Compared to Ann Arbor Houston is huge. According to Wikipedia it has a population of 2.2 million within it’s city limits and about 6 million in the metro area. But it is widely spread out: Berlin for example is half the size but has nearly twice the population.
According to my friend CJ Houston is the definition of “urban sprawl” and now that I leave here, I can only agree with that.

Houston is pretty darn hot. We have more than 30 deg Celsius every day and a humidity that can be very obnoxious. But that is not surprising, since Houston is located just above the 29deg latitude. That is one degree further south than Cairo, just to give you an idea!
Even though it is located in the middle of Texas it is not as republican as one might think. The presence of major oil and gas companies as well as one of the biggest conglomeration of medical companies and NASA leads to a very diverse city. Which reflects everywhere: In food, shops and languages people speak around you.
Thanks to a colleague of mine I have been introduced to various running groups and met very interesting people quickly and easily. And since quite some Michigan folks are down here as well, I do not have to fear of getting lonely. In fact, I have just been to South Padre Island to enjoy Memorial Weekend, but that story is worth a post of it’s own.

Pictures to follow…

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