Let’s go play!

Saturday presented superb weather and so I decided to drive out to the dropzone and proceed in my skydiving training. My instructor – Kritter – was awesome as always. Here is a little run-through on how we prepare for a jump:
First you fill out a “Dive Flow Sheet” for your level. It will tell you what aspects will be covered in free fall and what you are supposed to learn.
Next you complete a “Malfunction Junction” – you are simulating your skydive and encountering different malfunctions an instructor comes up with randomly. Then you react appropriately. That includes certain techniques to help the parachute open or cutting the main canopy away and deploying your reserve.
Get suited up: Jumpsuit, altimeter, goggles, helmet
Exit training: On a plane model on the ground you go over the exit procedure again.
Then you lie on a skateboard-like board in free fall position to go through your program, it really helps memorizing everything you will be doing.
Wait for the plane…

“Let’s go play” as Kritter would say :)

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