Goodbye Houston

It’s been a week now since I had to leave Houston. From there I flew to Berlin, visited a conference of Naval Architects and caught up with my friends from home. On Tuesday I left again, but this time for Aberdeen where I will be staying until the end of March. At least that is the plan at the moment…
So far I have not missed Houston as a city that much, the ones who got to know me probably understand why :P
But I do miss the friends I made. Since you made my stay in Houston to one of the best experiences in my life so far, I want to thank you. In no special order (maybe a little bit chronological):
Colin for creating this opportunity and the social introduction Al for explaining baseball to me, Sherrice for giving me a new perspective on faith, Kelsey for the special sightseeing trip through Rice, Monique for refusing to call me by my name, MoneĆ© for mediating, Sherryl for the easy introduction to the group, Andrew for all the motorized events, Erika for hosting delicious dinners, Frank for all his (free) advise, Hang for all the motivation, Chris, Geoff, Russ and Erin for re-inventing the Icehouse Runners, McP and GS for Hare-U, Brian for organizing a HH which my offshore adventures made impossible to attend, Jim and Reese for the UoM events, Clif for trying to change the US perception of beer, Stocker for true American Spirit, Colin for inventing the whore, EZ to PLZ for making so many circles hilarious, Caroline for taking a clumsy person like me climbing, CJ for convincing me to start rowing again, Stella for knowing the name to this one awesome song, Jesse for explaining the nipple, Gavin, Lynn, Lyz, Pat, Jason, Mark, Paula, JP (did I forget sbd?) for all the advice, DJ, Robert and Jacob for an awesome trip, Kritter for being the most patient instructor, H4 for numerous fun events and an introduction to this great sport, Shelby for praying for better weather with me, Josh for “punching” me, David and Ben for making life offshore bearable, and Brendon for making me embarrass myself by dancing to Micheal Jackson.

I probably forgot half of you. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like you, just shows how bad my memory is :(

Thank you all again for making my stay so wonderful and please keep on reading this blog to stay in touch!

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