After months of back and forth I finally moved to Africa on Monday. I am living in Port Gentil, Gabon to be more precise. It will be my home for about one year.

The flight here was a little adventure of itself: I was supposed to leave Berlin on early Monday morning, but by Sunday afternoon I still had not received my flight confirmation for the last leg of my trip. Bookings for Berlin – Frankfurt – Libreville had been made, but in Libreville I would have to change to a local airline and fly to Port Gentil. It turned out to be just a missing link in communication and everything was actually settled.
I left Germany to Africa in a smaller plane than I had left Berlin to Frankfurt in, but I guess this route is just not the busiest :P
In Libreville it took me 45min to get through immigration, just like when entering the US. Another 5min later I passed through customs after having opened most of my suitcases. My agent who picked me up at the airport was quite surprised by my three bags, someone had forgotten to tell him about my excess luggage. Hence he had no cash with him to pay for it. And you cannot simply charge it to your credit card… After I had changed some of my Euros at a “trustworthy” news stand I checked in and continued to Port Gentil. Unfortunately some French business man had decided to sit behind me. He was not a problem at all, but he had brought his little dog on the plane and it kept farting all the way through to Port Gentil :/

In Port Gentil our company’s driver Edu met me at the baggage claim, took two of my three bags and walked right through customs without even flinching or attempting to cooperate. I just followed him and apparently spared myself endless questioning and searching of my bags. I guess Edu’s physique and reputation do the trick :)

The first night I spent in a hotel – average standard, but incredibly expensive.
By now I have my own little house – including a maid so that I don’t have to do any cleaning or dish washing :D

I haven’t had a chance to take many pictures, but I will add some more in the upcoming days. (Sorry for the poor quality, but I didn’t want to run around with my DSLR)

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  1. Augusto Lara says:

    Well, I think that congratulations for you in this new adventure. I am mexican and will be transferred to Port Gentil in the near future, first I am going to get there by Nov 1st and will come back fro may family. The trip with my family will be late December or early January, so we are trying to figure out what to expect at our arrival and your pics are explains by itself. but after a few months living there, what is your opinion, family wise? I’d appreciate your answer.

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