One week in Port Gentil

It has been just over a week that I moved to Port Gentil and I am already getting used to the lights flickering shortly before we lose power, followed by the noise our starting diesel generator makes when it starts up. It does not happen on a daily basis, but when we lose power we like to do so five times a day. I am staring to consider 150 kB/s download speed to be unbelievably fast, since one usually only gets about 25 kB/s…

There is another thing I am not used to yet, but eventually will have to: the cost of living. Recently I bought one mango and payed nearly $5 for it, two tomatoes were even more expensive. Going out for dinner costs you easily $50. But a loaf of freshly baked delicious bread is only $1.

Once again I moved into a new different world and I have to say that I really like it!

See for yourself!

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2 Responses to One week in Port Gentil

  1. Jule says:

    Seit wann magst du Shrimps?!!

  2. bjoern says:

    Nur als Photomotiv!

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