hitting the slopes

I am barely back from the warm Houston winter, hardly at all adjusted to the freezing cold in Berlin, not to mention the jet lag. It is 3:10am and my alarm has just kicked my out of bed. I had expected to be grumpy this morning, cursing the cold and dark, and wishing to crawl back to bed. Quite the opposite is the case: I am excited, ready to drive 7 hours from Berlin to go skiing in the Austrian Alps. It will be my first skiing in two years and it has been even longer that I have been to the Alps in winter.

Germans might be very environmentally¬†conscious, but they forget all about it when it comes to their Autobahn. Our “spaceship” (because it has tons of space and the size of a ship) allows for a comfortable cruising speed at 180-200 km/h (120 mph) and within no time we are in the Montafon valley. Barely 8 hours after leaving Berlin we hit the slopes.

Let the fun begin :)

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