Since early June this year I have been living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Still doing the same job, just from a new office. But let me tell you a little more about my move that started a little like a roller coaster ride.

Late May this year – I was offshore in Mozambique – I received a call from my new boss which basically went like this:

“Hey Bjoern. I am Andy, how are you?”
“Thanks, I am fine, how about you?”
“Good – well, I basically have no time to talk so I will get right to the point. How soon can you come to Aberdeen?”
No kidding, this is exactly how it went down.

First I was happy as I would be going home early and I could not wait to tell everybody. But that relief turned into frustration. I did not want my offshore hitch to be cut short – again. Seriously, I was disappointed, even mad when I had to go onshore.  Retrospectively I can say now I should not have been.

Just a few days after the phone call I had moved to Aberdeen. It changed a lot for me very quickly: Being in Aberdeen made my private life a whole lot easier. I am closer to home now than I have been for a long time, making it less challenging to stay in touch with friends and family. It brought me back in reach for people very close to me. To visit me and share quality time together. And I am hoping the shorter distance will make it possible for me to finally give what I have been promising to my family and friends.

But of course I could not help it but to keep traveling. This summer I spent a fair amount of weekends exploring Scotland. So over the next few blogposts, expect to see plenty of pictures of Scotland – hundreds!! Because it is so scenic, it deserves it…
Some of you might have witnessed me ranting about the Scottish weather, how terribly cold, rainy, and windy it is. Simply put, this is true, but do not be fooled: A Loch Ness covered in clouds still beats a sunny day in Port Gentil or at the beach… But you will see.

May I present to you my current home and its immediate surroundings – Aberdeen:

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  1. Shelby says:

    Lucky man! Your new home is absolutely beautiful. I came believe you took some of those photos!

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