Stemat 82 again

I’ve been working now for quite a while for the “Germanischer Lloyd” in the offshore department. Besides it’s classical certification and verification services, GL offers a broad variety of industrial services. The Marine Warranty Survey is just one of them.
MWS means, that GL is inspecting during every important action (installation, load-out, transportation) it’s correctness according to standards prior set. The whole idea is basically to have a third party that it surveying every action to preserve the integrity of the item being handled. Normally this is the only chance a contractor has to get a reasonable rate for his insurance. The insurance company however relies on the third party as they usually don’t have the expertise to evaluate the operation.
Due to this interaction between the insurance company and the MWS the surveyer overseing the action he has to have the authority to change or stop any procedure.

During the loadout of the alpha ventus (an offshore windfarm) infield power cables I had the chance to act on behalf of GL in Nordenham, Germany. Coincidentally the vessel being loaded was the Stemat 82. I even met one of the crew members from India.

Have a look at the pictures and see for yourself!

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